How to care for jewelry

Silver items should be cleaned regularly, fresh dirt is easier to clean.
There is the so-called filigree silver, it is specially blackened, this gives the products a special charm. They don't need to be heavily cleaned.
After cleaning the jewelry, it is not recommended to wear it for several days so that a special protective film forms on the silver.
It is not recommended to use hard brushes and abrasive materials, as they can damage the top layer of the product. Clean them only with a soft cloth. Toothbrushes are especially harmful, as their plastic bristles scratch soft metal. In rare cases, if the product has gaps or a carved pattern, you can use a soft brush made of natural bristles.
After using special abrasive cleaners, do not forget to polish the product well with a soft cloth to prevent the formation of plaque.
Don't get carried away with silver cleaners. They contain strong chemicals and can damage your jewelry if used incorrectly. So follow the instructions carefully. Better yet, get special wipes for cleaning silver.
After using any cleaning method, rinse the silver item well with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.
If the silver is very dirty, blackened, or the item is very valuable to you, it is better not to risk it and entrust it to a specialist for cleaning.
In order not to have to clean your favorite silver items often, you need to properly store them and follow special rules when using them.
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